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Silky Smooth Hair Removal

Why Body Sugaring?

People ask me all the time, "it's like waxing right?....

Wrong! It is a zillion times better than waxing!
I know, I am likely a biased opinion, but I honestly can not think of one person who has a had both sugaring and waxing done who doesn't agree!
The only real similarity between the two is they are both applied to the skin as a means to removing body hair. Body Sugaring is when a water soluble, 100% natural, honey-looking paste is applied at body temperature, against the growth of the hair and flicked off in the direction of the hair growth.
This method is less irritating and generally less painful, because there isn't the chance of burning the skin & the paste doesn't adhere to live skin cells only dead skin cells and hair, so its actually exfoliates as it removes the hair at the root! By removing the hair in the direction of growth, this generally leads to a more permanent result than waxing.
That is right! The more you sugar the less you will have to sugar! Over time the follicle walls start to collapse, and the hair that does return will come in thinner and finer each time. Cant complain about that right!?

Still unsure? Book an appointment today and I promise you, you will give your heart to sugaring and never look back ;) I know I did!

Client Testimonials

Marble Surface

"Kate is amazing! She is knowledgeable, professional and simply excellent at what she does. She is also able to make a generally awkward procedure a comfortable experience thanks to her skill. I will definitely be back and only recommend Silk Body Sugaring to my friends."


Marble Surface

"Such an amazing first experience to hair removal just now. I tried wax strips when I was younger which left me traumatized to hair removal aside from traditional shaving. Yes in some places it hurts like a SOB but it was a great first experience. Her cute set up was super clean and inviting and I highly recommend Kate"


Marble Surface

"I had never been professionally waxed/sugared before. Went for the first time today and Kate was amazing! She was so friendly and very fast yet thorough. I'll definitely be back."


Meet Kate.

Your Sugaring Specialist
Kate Silk Body Sugaring.JPG

Kate Budau


Kate is the owner and operator of Silk Body Sugaring. Kate and her husband moved to the Okanagan 8 years ago where she opened her private boutique salon out of her home. She fell in love with sugaring for herself a few years prior and set out to show people there is an easier way! After all they always say 'do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life' and that is truly how she feels! Juggling a business full time, 3 kids and 2 dogs ain't easy but you will be hard pressed to find this women not smiling! 

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Nominated for Best of Kelowna 2020, 2021

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