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 About your Body SugaringTechnician

Established in the Okanagan in 2016, Silk Body Sugaring is a place where you can expect expert technique and efficiency for all your hair removal needs.
My name is Kate Budau, and I have been operating this salon for eight years in my Glenmore home which is conveniently located on a easily accessible bus route, in a very central location in Kelowna.

I learned about sugaring on my own journey to finding gentle and effective hair removal about 10 years ago. I struggle with extremely sensitive skin, that was super prone to ingrown hairs and reactions to most products. When I first discovered Sugaring, I was shouting about it from the roof tops, and my technician encouraged me to get into the business for myself after hearing about our plans to move to Kelowna, knowing there was a lack of salons here offering this life changing hair removal method! So I took a leap of faith, and got my certification at the well known and respected Sugar'd Abbotsford.

During Covid-19 shutdowns, I added to my training and certifications by graduating from Barbicide
Barbicide Covid-19 Safety Training,
as well as additional certification from
The Beauty Council's
BeautySafe Level 1: General Trade Practices
I prioritize cleanliness, professionalism, efficiency, and safety in every job I do to ensure that you feel comfortable and well cared for. My goal is to provide a relaxing and personalized experience that leaves you feeling smooth & beautiful with as little discomfort as possible! I welcome all shapes sizes and ethnicity in my salon, and will go out of my way to ensure you feel like the queen that you are! If you have any questions of concerns about anything before OR after your service please reach out by text, call or email, and I will be sure to make you feel at ease!

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